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June 24, 2018

Lilly Melody - Give Me Some More
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Park Heights / Deadly Dragon (Screechie Cross The Border)
released: 1980s (Deadly Dragon • format: 7" • producer: Delroy & Flavia Francis
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Deadly Dragon review:

Whewwwwwwww.....I can actually remember the first time I heard this one. Selector JD, my good friend and partner here at Deadly Dragon, dropped this piece of RIDICULOUS digital madness once on me and I was consumed with PURE jealousy!!!! Yes...this ya tune an ICON of great 80s digital. First off, the riddim is a BANGER...heavy, heavy SCREECHY CROSS THE BORDER type thing and then add it to Lilly Melody's enormous vocals which ride on top like a master jockey -- and what you have is the perfect storm of a chune!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say enough about this tune other than I am more than proud to share this one with alla you!!!!!!!!!! Let us now bow our heads and give a three fisted Brap Brap Brap gun salute to the golden years of New York City Reggae!!!!! There was a time in the 80s and 90s when New York City could stand head to head with Kingston as the hottest place for dancehall music....clubs like Q Club, Reggae Lounge, Love People, Biltmore Ballroom ran things at night while during the day Utica Avenue, Fulton and Church was like MUSIC CENTRAL with tons of record stores and labels booming up the big tunes for the people. New York had its own sound and its own artists, and one of the finest spots was the store called PARK HEIGHTS ran by Delroy Francis and his wife Flavia. The two of them ran one of the hottest stores and from early on began producing a slew of unique records both Roots, Digital and dancehall. Delroy had his finger on the pulse of the new digital language of the mid-eighties and combined that heavy production with some of the best underground singers and DJs who were then living in Brooklyn. Well we are proud to introduce our first set in what will be a long series of Reissues done in collaboration with Delroy Francis and his Park Heights label. These tunes come directly from the original master tapes and were pressed right here in New York in lovely, high quality vinyl! Limited to 500 Pieces

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Track List:

1. Give Me Some More
2. Gimme Version
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