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April 23, 2018

Jah Roots & Biggy Ranks - Clean Up Your Kingdom
VERSION on B-Side!!!

Duke / Deadly Dragon Sound (Gone a Foreign)
released: 1992 (Deadly Dragon • format: 7" • producer: Clive McKerney
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Deadly Dragon review:

Last year we found a deeply beat up copy of the original DUKE 7" and underneath all the scratches and hiss, we heard a brilliant digital roots tunes...HEAVY, driving bassline with classic Waterhouse style vocals.  We had never seen another copy of the tune and was amazed at how this SERIOUS slice of music had eluded not just us but all the heavy Digital collectors out there.  On our next trip down to Jamaica, we were able to locate JAH ROOTS  who, it turns out, also produced the tune. Apparently he had recorded his vocal in the 80s but never released it until the early 90s at which time he recorded his combination with Biggy Ranks as well a next tune pon the riddim, ROLEX - TELL ME TEACHER. Well, the man had his tapes still, so we put it all together and BOOOM! here they are.  As always these 7"s are limited to 500 pieces and are available ONLY at   www.deadlydragonsound.com

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Track List:

1. VErsion
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