August 16, 2018

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"Big Tune!": A tune that skirts catagories, but we like it!

"Dancehall Classic": A tune that is a must for the dancehall. Typically these tunes are 90's oriented.

"Digital Roots": Conscious and cultural tunes that employ post-80s production techniques.

"Digital Scorcher": Typically 80s tunes that employ early digital production.

"Early Reggae Stomper": Basically reggae tunes from late 1968 to 1970 that have that uptempo organ lead feel!

"Foundation Tunes": Tunes that, in our opinion, make up the foundation of dancehall music.

"Foundation DJs": Early DJ tunes from the likes of U Roy, I Roy, etc.

"Ganja Tunes": Pretty self explanatory! "Gun Tunes" Again...Kind of speaks for itself!

"Lovers": Tunes that are for those moments inna dance where you just want to sex up the mood.

"Rock Steady": From late 1966 to late 1968, Rock Steady was the ruling sound of Jamaica. Basically, it was brief period where the music slowed down letting the vocalist take over with a typically soul-inflected sound. For the true obsessives, Rock Steady is the rarest and most beloved genre of Jamaican music.

"refix remix refix": The name says it all! The version, the dub was the first Remix, but these remixes are tunes that have been re-fixed with different version.

"Reggae Covers": Pop/rock/soul tunes as covered by Jamaican artists.

"Roots": Kind of ephermral and subjective, but Conscious tunes that get DEEP.

"Ska": Kind of self explanatory, but can also contain some early pre-ska Jamaican R&B.

"Rub A Dub": Tunes from the late 70s to mid eighties that started focusing on the dancehall itself and pre-dated digital production.

"Slackness": Well...slack tunes, you know, SEX!

"Soundbwoy Killer": Tunes that actually make specific reference to Killing a Sound.

"War Box!": Tunes that are boastful, aggressive, warlike or can be used as counteractions inna tune for tune. This is the best area for those shopping for 45 shootout material.

"Reggae": Tunes from the early 70s up until the rub a dub started taking over.

"Reggae Breaks": Difficult one to define, but basically Jamaican tunes that could find a home in a soul, hip hop or funk set. Also, instrumentals that would be gold for a producer looking for new beats to mine.

"Dub Head": These are tunes for Dub heads...strictly DUB a MATIC!

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