Year Of The Gun

Deadly Dragon Inna Gun Man Style! Yesss indeed, this best selling Mix continues on a deep roll. YEAR OF THE GUN takes all the best and rarest gun man tunes from the 90s and mixes them into one perfect listening experience! Riddims include: Sleng Teng, Hot Milk, Shang Kai Shek and many others.

Track List: Gun man medly (Barrington, Terror, Cobra, Panhead), RIP (cobra), Still (rickey General), Can’t Frighten Me (Red Rose), would a let you go (Jr. Cat), launch an attack(General TK). Dem a bad bwoy (Little Kirk), permit fi gun (Super Cat), ruff chat(Terry Ganzie), bad boy gringo (Terror Fabulous), coppershot (Bounty Killer), order (Terror Fabulous), who to Trust (Terry Ganzie), Long or Tall (Bounty Killer),Shine & Criss (Shabba Ranks), Wanted Outlaw (Terry Ganzie), Find & Kill (Cobra), Bad Boy (Super C), send another one come (pinchers), Go Away (Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Angel Doolas), Copper & Chrome (Ricky General), Old Dog (Terror Fabulous), bandelero (Pinchers). Greendelero (Beenie man), Bow-de-lero ( Wickerman ), Gundelero (cobra), Point of Conflict ( Ward 21), When the Sun Goes Down (Terry ganzie), Whoa (Cobra), Murder (Pinchers), Murder (Terry Ganzie), Cowboy Style (Josey Wales). Gun Bag (Junior Pops). Lodge (Bounty Killer), Spy Fi Die (Bounty Killer), Mark Death (spragga Benz) Mark 10 (Cobra), No Long Argument (Spragga Benz), Shot a Kill (Ninja Ford), Shot A Talk (Cobra), No Mercy (Bounty Killer), Boy Nuh Run (Bounty Killer/Ninja Man), Shot Em Up (Beenie Man), Batty Boy Fi Die (Red Dragon), Yush (Cobra), Twenty One (Pinchers/Bounty Killer), No Borrow Gun (Pinchers), My Magnum (Red Dragon), Gun Man Tune (Panhead), Say A Prayer (Spragga Benz) Not Another Word (Boounty Killer), Area Bad Bwoy (Frisco Kid), Mobster (Beenie Man), Iron Gloves (Jr. Cat)

Released: 2004
Format: CD
Genre: Deadly Dragon Mix CDs